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A Question

How much of our vision for what God is doing in this world is shaped by a belief that God saves us in order to have an intimate relationship with him (personal piety) that flows over into fellowship with others, rather than Jesus’ bigger kingdom vision of what God is doing in this world and [Read More…]

Ancient Hebrew Text Deciphered

A link sent to me by a reader: A breakthrough in the research of the Bible has shed new light on the period in which the Bible could have been written, testifying to Hebrew writing abilities as early as the 10th century BCE, the University of Haifa announced on Thursday. Prof. Gershon Galil of the [Read More…]

World Vision Children in Haiti

Kris and I have sponsored a child in Haiti for a few years, and we are glad to receive this report today from World Vision’s site: Note for sponsors with a sponsored child living in Haiti or the Dominican Republic: We value your commitment to sponsoring a child in Haiti or its neighbor, the Dominican [Read More…]

Law at the Jesus Creed: David Opderbeck

Seven Theses on a Missional Approach to Law In response to some of my “Law” posts here at Jesus Creed, a few commenters have expressed consternation over my criticism of some “conservative” Christian perspectives on the law.  As I’ve tried to express in response to some of those comments, my primary concerns have to do with [Read More…]

Marriage and Divorce 3

What terminates a marriage? Or what are the grounds for a permissible divorce? William F. Luck’s Divorce and Re-Marriage: Recovering the Biblical View  examines this sort of question in chp 2 of his book. Marriage, Luck is arguing, is a b-lateral covenant that is, by nature, conditional. Thus, when one person violates the terms of the [Read More…]