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Responding to Brooks: A Reader’s Comment

From one of the comments on David Brooks’ column, this one by Stephen Reichard: While some of what you say is true, you studiously avoid the very central role of the United States in the tragedy that is Haiti today. This is not simply limited to the myriad U.S. military occupations of Haiti or the [Read More…]

How to Help Haiti 1: David Brooks

We are reposting for discussion here bits of David Brooks’ essay in the NYTimes.  First point he makes: This is not a natural disaster story. This is a poverty story. It’s a story about poorly constructed buildings, bad infrastructure and terrible public services. On Thursday, President Obama told the people of Haiti: “You will not [Read More…]

Acts and Mission 77

Missional work in Ephesus (ruins to the right) involves plenty of unplanned-for work, namely ushering some disciples of John the Baptist into the fullness of the Pentecost era. 19:1 While Apollos was in Corinth, Paul went through the inland regions and came to Ephesus. He found some disciples there 19:2 and said to them, “Did you receive the [Read More…]

Swaziland is Dying

Many of you know the Jesus Creed blog is working to support a poor village filled with orphans in Mabanteneni, in Swaziland. We are doing this through HopeChest, a Christian relief organization in Colorado Springs. Tom Davis, CEO of HopeChest, wrote this post for our blog… and we’re encouraging you to join Kris and me [Read More…]

Souls in Transition 6

What do emerging adults think of religion? This next chp in Smith and Snell discovered in their fantastic new book: Souls in Transition: The Religious and Spiritual Lives of Emerging Adults  will be of use to all pastors and churches.  In fact, it may one of the most significant chps in the next decade of ministry because [Read More…]