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Kristof on Haiti

From the NYTimes: Why is Haiti so poor? Is it because Haitians are dimwitted or incapable of getting their act together? Haiti isn’t impoverished because the devil got his due; it’s impoverished partly because of debts due. France imposed a huge debt that strangled Haiti. And when foreigners weren’t looting Haiti, its own rulers were. [Read More…]

How to Help Haiti 4: David Brooks

Here is the fourth part of David Brooks’ piece in NYTimes.  Fourth, it’s time to promote locally led paternalism. In this country, we first tried to tackle poverty by throwing money at it, just as we did abroad. Then we tried microcommunity efforts, just as we did abroad. But the programs that really work involve [Read More…]

Acts and Mission 80

Paul’s commitment to Jerusalem and the Torah never wavers, as Luke will make clear next. Paul wants to cross the waters and visit Macedonia and Greece and then go back to Jerusalem and then after that get the gospel to Rome. Missional work involves planning and dreaming and imagining and, frankly, finding crucial centers of [Read More…]

Signature in the Cell 4 (RJS)

Stephen C. Meyer has published a (very long, but readable) book, Signature in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design, outlining his argument in favor of intelligent design. This book essentially argues that life is very complex, the origin of life is a puzzle, and the information content in DNA cannot be explained [Read More…]

Marriage and Divorce 5

What about the all-important words of Jesus on divorce and remarriage? [I can’t say I agree with Luck in all that he says here.] William F. Luck’s Divorce and Re-Marriage: Recovering the Biblical View   discusses Jesus’ teachings in two chps, and I’ll give the big conclusions below. 1. Jesus, Luck argues, affirms the OT teaching [Read More…]