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Saturday Afternoon Book Review: Derek Leman

MAPPING MESSIANIC JEWISH THEOLOGY: A CONSTRUCTIVE APPROACH Richard Harvey, Paternoster, 2009 reviewed by Derek Leman For some Jesus Creed readers Messianic Jewish will be a term with a good connotation and for others not so good. The difference depends on many things, not least what experiences you may have had with someone or some group [Read More…]

If You Could Make One Unhealthy Food Healthy…

What would it be? [Read more…]

Weekly Meanderings

I’m in Texas this weekend speaking to the leaders of Irving Bible Church and Kris is in the State of New York at a wedding shower for our niece, Kari Arnet. See you Sunday evening, Kris.  To the right is our grandson, Aksel, hanging with his mom and dad in Florida. Kris thinks he’s the [Read More…]