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Stimulus Plan and the Populace

Evidently, the numbers are showing the American populace is unpersuaded about the value of the stimulus plan. When I read this, here are the two thoughts that came to mind: first, do we measure the value of a stimulus package by taking a poll? But, second, can any politician ignore that this poll may well [Read More…]

Acts and Mission 81

What do we learn about “mission” in the Book of Acts? We are concerned today with Acts 19’s famous report of the disturbance over the financial and religious impact if more and more folks decide to follow the gospel preached by Paul: 19:23 At that time a great disturbance took place concerning the Way. 19:24 For a man [Read More…]

A Letter about Doubt

I got this note last week from a reader and publish it with permission. Today I ask you to respond and provide your wisdom, and tomorrow I will offer my response.  Dear Scot McKnight, I am Jacob. I have been struggling in my faith recently, it has been a hard time. I suddenly remembered that [Read More…]

Wheaton 2

Andrew Chignell’s piece on Wheaton will surely be of interest to many readers of the Jesus Creed blog, not the least of which reasons is that “where Wheaton goes, there goes evangelicalism.” So, the question Andrew writes is the question many are asking: Whither Wheaton? I clip a bit from his article, and I’d like [Read More…]

Wheaton 1

Andrew Chignell wrote recently about the future of Wheaton, but his piece went through some editorial issues… I clip a bit here: The topic is obviously a delicate one, and though I grew up in Wheaton, Illinois and graduated from the College in 1996, I had been away for a while, and so I wanted [Read More…]