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20th Century’s Biggest Change in Evangelicalism

The 20th Century began with war between evangelicals or fundamentalists and liberals or modernists. Not only were doctrines under dispute but there was another dispute: was the gospel designed to address spiritual or social problems? It can be said that vast majority of the 20th Century saw the American Church split between liberals, who preferred [Read More…]

Lengthening Our Memory 4

Chris Hall, in Worshiping With the Church Fathers , examines the topic of prayer in the fathers and begins with a rather bald description of his own difficulties in praying — that paragraph is worth the price of the chp — and the chp is worth more than its own value. (Make sense? maybe not.) Anyway, [Read More…]

Creators and Intellectuals

I recently found myself reading Thomas Sowell’s newest book, Intellectuals and Society , a study of intellectuals — those who are dedicated to ideas and who, in his estimation, are growing in public influence but who are also woefully uninformed and wounding society. His complaint is basically that intellectuals are leftist, unaccountable to the public, [Read More…]