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Saturday Afternoon Book Review: Michael Kruse

Michael Kruse is well-known to the Jesus Creed blog, and here he plies his trade once again in a book review. A variety of anthropological lenses have been used to examine the New Testament world but one lens remains relatively neglected … an economic lens. Scholars like Bruce Malina, K. C. Hanson, Douglas Oakman, and [Read More…]

Unpaid Ad for North Park University

North Park University [Read more…]

Yougottabekiddin’ me!

Did you see this? We need to write the NCAA to petition that this sort of nonsense be changed. Recruiting is bad enough; football recruiting probably the worst, but recruiting 13-years olds is out of bounds — and USC backers need to weigh in too. Go ahead and laugh, but this time, Lane Kiffin may have outfoxed [Read More…]

Weekly Meanderings

The Austrians have their own kind of marathon! I’d not be surprised they have one of these  in Minnesota. Very few have given a life to Youth the way Marko has, and so I’m urging you to read his new youth ministry coaching program and consider it. Must-read. Did you see this? With This Ring [Read More…]