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Childhood Obesity

Our First Lady has taken up a great cause, childhood obesity. Judith Gunlock, who writes for the National Review, likes the First Lady’s personal behaviors with her daughters but wonders if there’s a disconnect then with her proposals. Here are a few paragraphs, and I wonder how you would approach this issue: Is this a [Read More…]

Acts and Mission 91

Behind the scenes two things are at work: the enemies of Paul, who think he’s dangerous to Torah observance and therefore to the sanctity of Israel and the Temple, and the friends of Paul, including family members in Jerusalem. His sister’s son somehow hears of a plot to kill Paul through the local buzz, he [Read More…]

Narrative Preaching 2

The level of eloquence in this book,Preaching from Memory to Hope , is only outmatched by the depth of insight we find in Tom Long. What a delightful chapter number two is: “No news is bad news.” It’s a chapter about the presence of God in living reality today and about witnessing to God’s presence [Read More…]

Seminary Re:mixed

Seminaries are today again up for review. The editors at Christian Century have a series of questions we can discuss and then they have a rather firm suggestion as well. How would you answer their questions? If church leaders had the chance to fashion a seminary from scratch, what would it look like? Would it [Read More…]