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Mary among the Buckeyes

I had the rare opportunity to get to preach about the life of Mary, who is “one of us,” last weekend in Westerville OH, just outside Columbus, at Heritage Christian Church. It was Valentine’s Day, plenty of people were wearing red, but I wasn’t convinced it was as much that as it was Ohio State [Read More…]

When I grow up, I’ll be a…

Recently I found this piece on BBC News, and think we could have a conversation. What did you want to do when you were eleven? (I wanted to be a professional athlete, but the sport changed from season to season. I didn’t get there, or even close!) Do you remember what you wanted to be [Read More…]

Acts and Mission 95

Paul’s passion is for everyone to see the light of the gospel in the face of Jesus Christ, and that means even Festus is in his circle of compassionate gospel preaching. Festus thinks Paul’s lost his mind with his belief in the resurrection as a gospel fully conversant with the Jewish Scriptures. But Paul asks [Read More…]

Ancient-Future Interpretation 1

Reading the Bible is both easier than ever before, because of all the resources available, and more complex, because of all the resources available. One could argue that the oldest method of Bible reading is now back on the front burner, and the method can be called the “theological interpretation of Scripture.”  In the last [Read More…]

What about virtual reality in church services?

I thought this question answer in with Rob Bell was fascinating. Here’s my question: What do you think of video clips in sermons? Interview with Rob Bell…. Your NOOMA video series has been popular. What do you think about the increasing number of preachers and churches using video technology to expand their reach? It’s [Read More…]

Iona’s Famous Preacher

The (re)founder of the Iona Community was George Macleod, and I recently read a splendid biography of him (George MacLeod: Founder of the Iona Community – A Biography ).  So inspired was I by his story, a story of someone who battled and battled and got things done but never got as much done as [Read More…]