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Christian as Consumers

I don’t have a problem with Christian bookstores, where everything (or nearly everything) is purchased, marketed and sold to and for Christians. Pete, the man who fixes our cars when they need help, is overtly Christian and I trust him and he does a good job and he’s honest as all get out.  But for [Read More…]

Liberated from Legalism 1

I want to begin a series on how Galatians helps us see that we are liberated from “legalism.” This series will normally not be a midday series, but today it will be. I should have posts on this topic both Thursday and Friday. I will begin this series by defining legalism, and then freedom, and [Read More…]

Signature in the Cell 9 – ID, Mark Noll, and Worldviews (RJS)

I was traveling last week and unable to do justice to a wrap up on Signature in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design – but having considered some of the discussion, digested and pondered the content, I would like to put up one final summary post. I welcome comment and clarification both [Read More…]

Is Death Final? 3

Dante took theology about the afterlife and turned it into an epic adventure, modeling his story on Homer’s stories and on Virgil’s famous The Aeneid and in many ways taking them to the next millennia of history. In the East, instead of finding a Dante’s journey into the underworld and then back up to heaven, [Read More…]