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The Silence of Empire: Allan Bevere

My friend, a pastor and a professor, Allan Bevere, keeps up with the political stuff better than I do, and this post is one worth citing in whole. Allan calls into question the prominence of empire language when Bush was President and the near absence of such empire talk under Obama. Is “empire” code language [Read More…]

Liberated from Legalism 5

Remember again what legalism is: Legalism is any practice or belief that is added to the gospel that compromises the sufficiency of Christ as Savior and jeopardizes the adequacy of the Spirit in moral guidance. Legalism then is the charge against you or me, often sensed at the deepest level, that we are not accepted [Read More…]

After You Believe 2

The question, what do you do after you believe, is the subject of Tom Wright’s new book: After You Believe: Why Christian Character Matters . How do we combine the grace of God with the efforts of humans to grow in that grace? Are the “spiritual disciplines” efforts in grace-growing? For readers of Dallas Willard’s [Read More…]