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Will Jesus Buy Me a Double-Wide?

I may be biased toward Southern writers, and I may be biased because I’m a fan of Karen Spears Zacharias, but the truth of the story is this: her next book, Will Jesus Buy Me a Double-Wide?: (‘Cause I Need More Room for My Plasma TV) , needs to be read by twentysomethings and by [Read More…]

Family First? (RJS)

A couple of times last week Scot advertised a conference on Evangelicals and the Early Church to be held next week at Wheaton College. I wish I could attend, as it looks fascinating. But one of the things I noticed immediately when Scot posted the agenda was the ratio of male to female speakers and [Read More…]

Eugene Peterson: Practice Resurrection 6

Eugene Peterson, in his new book, Practice Resurrection: A Conversation on Growing Up in Christ  examines the poetic significance of Ephesians 1:3-14, one long, long sentence in Greek — and it’s all about God. (I post the passage after the jump.) “201 nouns and verbs, adverbs and adjectives, prepositions and conjunctions cascading off Paul’s pen!” (55). [Read More…]