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Saturday Afternoon Book Review: Jeff Borden

This review comes from Jeff Borden, who has a fine blog called iCrucified. It is reviews like this that make our Saturday Afternoon spot a witness to the need of a blog to have regular, intelligent contributors (like Jeff) to make it work for all of us. Your Church Is Too Small: Why Unity in [Read More…]

Feeling Your Faith: Matthew Elliott

Matthew Elliott is the author of two fine books on emotions and the Christian faith, and he has agreed to offer this post today for our conversation. I’m grateful for his work and I hope we can have a good discussion of his ideas today. For his books, see his more accessible study Feel: The Power [Read More…]

Weekly Meanderings

We’ve been on Spring Break, and this is what I found this week … including a picture of Safety Harbor: My links aren’t as complete as usual, but I have a few, and I want to alert you to a post coming later today by Matthew Elliott about Christians and emotions. (And thanks to IVP [Read More…]