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Friday Night at the Movies: Seven Samurai

This review by James-Michael Smith, originally published at The Examiner, examines The Seven Samurai. In 1954 the late Japanese director Akira Kurosawa made a film that would go on to become the most critically-acclaimed film in all of Japanese cinema history–and one of the most acclaimed worldwide as well. That movie was called “Shichinin no [Read More…]

One of My Favorites

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Again, David Brooks

From the NYTimes: The United States is becoming a broken society. The public has contempt for the political class. Public debt is piling up at an astonishing and unrelenting pace. Middle-class wages have lagged. Unemployment will remain high. It will take years to fully recover from the financial crisis. This confluence of crises has produced [Read More…]

Selective Emergence?

This post is from Michael Kruse, and contains one of the more insightful set of observations I’ve seen about the selective appeal to emergence theory.  Here are Michael’s questions for us: So first off, is my assessment fair? If so, why don’t we find many emerging-economy libertarian types among the emerging church fold? Why do we [Read More…]

Our Mutual Motherly Ministry

When I was at Synergy conference in Orlando, I gave a plenary address and chose a tricky topic. Kris said “Why?” and then said “Be careful.” My answers, “Because it’s in Paul” and “I will, real careful.” And I tried. And I think it worked.  But first: great to meet Carolyn James and her husband [Read More…]