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Saturday Afternoon Book Review: Rob Merola

Rob Merola was one of my finest (and “favoritest”) students at TEDS. He fell in love with another one of my favorites, Linda, and they are now married and ministering in Sterling Heights Virginia at St Matthew’s Episcopal. I follow his blog and when I saw he was reading You Are Not a Gadget: A [Read More…]


I’ve been thinking of journeys recently. The last two days I sat in sessions at the Wheaton gathering on Evangelicals and the Early Church and heard a number journeys from a conservative evangelical past to a confessional evangelicalism or to Anglicanism or who dipped mightily into the early fathers, and I know plenty of stories [Read More…]

Weekly Meanderings

The best looking little Adidas SuperStar shoes I’ve ever seen! Aksel brings them to you, first thing in the morning, as a not-so-subtle hint that he’s ready to go outside. (And, if you have eyes to see, his shirt says “My Grandpa Rules!”) New website/blog: women church planters. Beautiful post; read it carefully and drop [Read More…]