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Swazi Kids

With the Lenten season upon us now, a time when we reflect upon sin in preparation for the gracious forgiveness of God in Christ, perhaps we could reflect upon systemic injustices in this world. Perhaps, too, upon what we can do.  We want to join together financially (34 dollars per month for one child), in [Read More…]

The Health Care Plan: What do you like about it?

Tomorrow will be different. But today I want to ask one simple question and I ask you to weigh in: What do you like about the new health care plan? Or,  How do you think it will help? What advantages will it bring? (Tomorrow, we’d like to hear what you don’t like about the new [Read More…]

What’s a “Biblical” Family? Do You Want One?

There’s some interest in a post by Stephen Holmes, a fine theologian in Scotland with a fine book on theology and tradition (Listening to the Past: The Place of Tradition in Theology ), over a post of his about the so-called “biblical” family and whether the word “biblical” should be evoked in support of what [Read More…]

After You Believe 6

Tom Wright’s newest book is about virtue ethics, about how we move from where we are through habituation so we can arrive at the goal. This is all found in After You Believe: Why Christian Character Matters . Having looked at virtue ethics in Jesus, Wright turns to Paul under the heading of “Three virtues, nine [Read More…]