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Europespeak and American Christians

I tweeted this two days ago: I’m embarrassed at how American Christians talk about “Europe.” Embarrassing. That tweet then appeared on my FB account and drew a conversation — some 74 comments. I appreciate the zeal of these folks; I appreciate their love for the USA; I appreciate, too, their courage to express their mind. [Read More…]

The Future of the Catholic Church in Ireland

This from our friend in Ireland, Patrick Mitchel, a professor and leader. He has no desire to bash the Catholic Church, but he’s as grim as many. Let me say that this is a serious, serious issue, and while I want the proper procedures to be followed in the Vatican and beyond, the focus here [Read More…]

After You Believe 7

Tom Wright’s newest book, After You Believe: Why Christian Character Matters , finishes off with practical suggestions of how to live out being the “royal priesthood” and living out the virtues in such a way that we become the image bearers (Eikons) God made us to be and has in mind for our future. Chp 7 examines the [Read More…]