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Andrew Sullivan, the Pope and…

Andrew Sullivan, at the Daily Dish, is obsessed with speculation on the stunted sexuality of abusing priests, which would probably be hard to deny, but does not dwell enough on two things: 1. Mercy and care for the children, many of whom are now adults, who were abused. 2. The system that drags its feet, [Read More…]

From Socialism to Market Economy: Michael Kruse

Michael Kruse, one of our favorite bloggers and readers of this blog and constant commenter, has drafted up for us a useful sketch of the economic systems at work right not in political rhetoric. [BTW: on Scandinavia.] What is socialism? Here’s Michael’s sketch… Where do you see the USA fitting in this scheme? Why? What’s [Read More…]

The Loser Letters 1

I’m a fan of C.S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters , as much for its insight into human nature as anything else, and I think Lewis now has a rival: The Loser Letters , by Mary Eberstadt. But instead of insight into the moral and religious problems at work among Christians as one finds in Lewis’ classic, [Read More…]

Preaching, One More Time

I’m interested in narrative preaching, and by that I don’t mean telling stories but making the sermon itself a narrative or a story. Just how that is done is not so easy to explain, and I’ve heard a number of attempts. But Eugene Lowry, in his excellent little book, The Homiletical Plot: The Sermon As [Read More…]