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A Sri Lankan Christian asks us a question

This from Vinoth Ramachandra… please read it all if you can, but here’s a clip of the end of the piece. What would you say to the question at the end? And I’d love to hear some Republican Christians explain this, and I mean that only in a good sense. One thing that has been [Read More…]

Who’s the Happiest? Is it Economical?

From Michael Kruse… Michael here reflects on a TED lecture on happiness, and you might be interested in a piece I wrote on happiness a couple years back. But Michael has found a fascinating study on what it is that makes us happy.   How can we best measure well-being? Are you an experience kind [Read More…]

Confronting the Data (RJS)

I’ve been traveling this week and unable to get back to David N. Livingstone’s book Adam’s Ancestors: Race, Religion, and the Politics of Human Origins. We will return to this book next week. On a related note though there is a new report of a distinct archaic human lineage – reported in the Journal Nature [Read More…]

The Main Problem is…

Allan Bevere, at his blog, engages the Christian and the State issue, and here’s a major idea. My thesis throughout this multi-part discussion will be that the main reason the practices of discipleship are in such sad shape in Western culture is not because Christians don’t want to read their Bibles, nor because they don’t [Read More…]