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Good for the kids

From our neck of the woods… To say the kids got a hands-on lesson in charity would be an understatement. In classic bucket-brigade style Friday morning, nearly 1,300 Wauconda High School students passed more than 8,000 food items along a half-mile route from the high school to the Wauconda-Island Lake Food Pantry on Main Street. [Read More…]


Perhaps you grew up in a rule-oriented religion. Perhaps you found yourself in the church one day, looked around, and wondered if you really knew God or if you were one who only knew what it was like to be religious. Perhaps you have explored being the best possible Christian and found the chase exhausting. [Read More…]

Rural Doctors: What to do?

What can be done? Anyone have some wisdom on this one? The shortage of rural physicians is a “huge problem,” said Dr. Howard Rabinowitz, professor of family and community medicine at Thomas Jefferson University’s Medical College. “About 20% of the population lives in rural areas but only 9% of physicians practice there,” said Rabinowitz who [Read More…]

Weekly Meanderings

UberBubble with BubbleMeister! Please pray. Conversion as process and Crazy Heart with Alyce McKenzie. Speaking of conversion, J.K.A. Smith, instead of reviewing Francis Beckwith’s memoir, decides to unleash … well, there’s got to be something more going on here. Please sing with extra gusto this year with Nancy Faust. Dan gets it about education in the [Read More…]