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Advising Atheists (Loser Letters) 5

 Mary Eberstadt’s new book, The Loser Letters , is clever fiction; it’s satire and it takes on the issue of the problem of “those obnoxious Christian convert traitors,” those who have left the Brights (atheists and atheism) for the Dulls (believers in God). Like Alister McGrath (by the way: The Twilight of Atheism: The Rise and Fall of [Read More…]

God Provides, We Slip in our Hands

Good Friday is often morose, but the theology of atonement it embodies is profoundly about God’s provision. As God provided the Lamb for Abraham, so he offers the Lamb for the Church. On the Cross it is as if God is showing to us the magnitude of his love and the vastness of his grace [Read More…]

Good Friday Prayer

Almighty God, we pray you graciously to behold this your family, for whom our Lord Jesus Christ was willing to be betrayed, and given into the hands of sinners, and to suffer death upon the cross; who now lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen. From [Read More…]