Archives for Apr 3, 2010 @ 18:50

Wedgie Award: Rowan Williams

My new “Wedgie Award” will be given (mostly in fun) to folks who make comments that make us feel uncomfortable, and the first Wedgie Award is given to Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, for his comments about the Catholic Church in Ireland: “An institution so deeply bound in to the life of society suddenly becoming [Read More…]

iPad: Who’s Got One?

Let’s hear what the new (and very proud) owners of the iPad have to say about it? [Read more…]

Aksel Loves Thomas

Aksel, our grandson, loves Thomas the Train. Kris sent him a couple of Thomas the Train books and as Annika (his mom) opened up the books and (Aunt) Laura snapped pictures, they caught Aksel in the act of being delighted in seeing Thomas. By evening, they had read him the books about 30x.   [Read more…]

Weekly Meanderings

This guy’s beard is weird! I have a piece in the new Neue magazine (cool pun, huh?). Sad to hear of Clark Pinnock’s Alzheimer’s (see here too). Sad to read Christine’s piece. Our prayers. Before we go any further, who’s got an iPad and what do you have to say? Southern story of father and son. [Read More…]