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Christian Life and Theology

It’s not often that you can get a group of front-ranking theologians and scholars together to discuss spiritual formation, spiritual theology and what “life in the Spirit” means. But the Wheaton Theology Conference in 2009 did just that and this volume is the result: Life in the Spirit: Spiritual Formation in Theological Perspective . The [Read More…]

A Prayerbook to Use

There has been so much interest in this new Psalter, we’re posting this post again. I knew it would eventually be done, and it has: Paraclete has produced a beautiful NIV Psalter called: The Paraclete Psalter: A 4-Week Cycle for Daily Prayer .   I have used for years The Book of Common Prayer , and [Read More…]

Easter Theology

I like the new piece by Daniel Kirk about Easter theology — it’s from Christianity Today. Here’s a clip: The most important thing to say is somewhat shocking at first blush. At his resurrection, Jesus becomes something that he was not before. Jesus becomes the enthroned king of the world–the Messiah. But isn’t the Jesus [Read More…]