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Christian and UnChurched: Barna’s Newest

From George Barna’s newest study: One of the biggest surprises to some people, however, is that a large majority of the nation’s unchurched population is drawn from the sector comprised of people who consider themselves to be Christian. In the United States, 83% of all adults label themselves “Christian.” The percentage is lower among the [Read More…]

Our Common Prayerbook: Psalm 5 – 2

God is faithful, the psalmist knows. Therefore he approaches YHWH on behalf of himself and against his enemies who are full of slander and lies. The psalmist is convinced he is right and they are wrong; he’s convinced God is on his side. It is striking that the psalmist enters into God’s presence “morning by [Read More…]

Telling Our Story (RJS)

The first comment on my post last Thursday was a thought provoking one – John Frye suggested the importance of story in wrestling with the conflict at the core of the interaction of science and faith. From his comment: Maybe we need to have, also, a heart for truth and a mind for God. You [Read More…]

CT and the Historical Jesus

Some of you may have seen our piece in Christianity Today called “The Jesus We’ll Never Know.” The essence of my article is that “historical Jesus” studies, the official Historical Jesus enterprise, has a major goal: finding what the real Jesus was really like. By that I mean the HJ enterprise wants to get behind [Read More…]