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Jennifer Knapp, Now Out

From Christianity Today, in an interview with Mark Moring: Seven years ago, while at the top of her game, Jennifer Knapp announced what seemed to many a sudden decision: She was stepping away from Christian music, taking an indefinite hiatus. Rumors began to swirl–she was burned out, she needed a rest, she was upset about [Read More…]

Our Common Prayerbook: Psalm 6

David, or the psalmist if it is not David, complains about his enemies often and pleads with God to do justice and shame them. But Psalm 6 (after the jump you can find the whole psalm) opens up with the humility necessary to be the sort of person who can pray for justice against enemies. [Read More…]

Ask Andy 3 (and a free book offer)

I’ve got a deal for you day: free book. Read on. In this series I’m asking Andy Stanley some questions about preaching but I’m cheating when I say that: I’m reading his book (Communicating for a Change: Seven Keys to Irresistible Communication ) and generating my questions that he answers in his book. How do you [Read More…]

David Opderbeck on That Soul-Sort Narrative

David Opderbeck is known to all readers of this blog; he weighs in today on the soul-sort narrative I have done on Brian McLaren.   That Other Soul-Sort Narrative:  The Problem of People as Targets We’ve had some good and robust conversation about Brian McLaren’s “soul-sort” narrative.  Many of us resonate in some way with the problem Brian identifies, [Read More…]