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Book Reviews, Movie Reviews

We continue to offer the opportunity to publish both book reviews (1500-3000 words, focusing on a good summary and solid evaluation; no rants) and movie reviews. We run book reviews on Saturday afternoon and movie reviews on Friday nights. Contact us in the comment box below if you would like to write such reviews. [Read more…]

Cross Examinations

Timothy Dalrymple has built a considerable website/blog that may well rival some of the finest websites in Christian thinking today. One of his features is called Cross Examinations and here is the question for the week: “The nature and import of social justice ministry has been attacked and debated frequently in recent weeks.  To approach [Read More…]

Our Common Prayerbook: Psalm 8-3

Creation is immense and God made it all, and the psalmist leads anyone listening to the majestic distance of God — and yet, yet, yet, even though immense and majestic, God both notices and pays attention to humans. The immensity contrasts with seeming insignificance — until one pays attention to the task of humans.  The [Read More…]

Father Forgive Us … (the challenge of Adam 8) (RJS)

I am currently reading a book by David N. Livingstone, Adam’s Ancestors: Race, Religion, and the Politics of Human Origins. David Livingstone is Professor of Geography and Intellectual History at Queen’s University, Belfast and this book reflects both of his interests. The history of the discussion of Adam and pre-adamic man has several major streams [Read More…]

N.T. (Tom) Wright to Retire

From Durham local news:   The Bishop of Durham, Dr N. T. Wright, has announced that he will be retiring from the See of Durham on August 31. Dr Wright, who will be 62 this autumn, is returning to the academic world, in which he spent the first twenty years of his career, and will [Read More…]

On Changing Culture 6

James Davison Hunter, in his new book, (To Change the World: The Irony, Tragedy, and Possibility of Christianity in the Late Modern World ), contends that the Christian Right, the Christian Left and the Neo-Anabaptists are dwelling in an illusion that their approach can change culture. His accusation is severe; his rhetoric is pleasant, but [Read More…]