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From Catalyst to Q

Brad Lomenick, leader of the wonderful Catalyst organization, and Gabe Lyons, leader of the Q conference … both had their conferences within about a week and I was at both. Catalyst was at Mariner’s Church in Newport Beach (first time being there for me) and Q was at the Chicago Civic Opera (first time being [Read More…]

Our Common Prayerbook 9-10: 5

Prayers include prayers for God to act in justice. So the psalmist goes at it, and this prayer reminds me some of the Magnificat: it’s not vindication or vengeance so much as it is balancing the scales. The confidence of the psalmist is that God takes notice; in fact, God always takes notice of the [Read More…]

Law at the Jesus Creed: David Opderbeck on Justice

Justice, Judgment, “Soul Sort Narratives,” and Love In my post on Brian McLaren’s “Soul Sort Narrative,” we began to discuss the connection between justice, judgment and love.  As a lawyer and legal scholar, the themes of justice and judgment have always been interesting to me.  I’ve always felt a bit of awe when I receive an order from a [Read More…]

Making Funerals Christian

Tom Long, well-known American Presbyterian preacher and professor, decided more than a decade ago that it was time to do a state of the art book on the Christian funeral. “What I did not anticipate discovering,” he confesses, “that the reigning understanding of the ‘state of the art’ funeral, which I shared along with many [Read More…]