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What’s that guy saying? (click it to enlarge)

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Our Common Prayerbook 12

First the request and then the problem and then the theology. That’s the basic structure of Psalm 12 (after the jump). Let’s look at the 2d and then the 1st and then the third. I’ve often observed, and observe here again, how much complaining about enemies goes on in the prayers of David. How much [Read More…]

Elena Kagan: Nomination

There are two sides of this nomination, but one point about the probably result seems important to many:  “If the Senate confirms Ms. Kagan, who is Jewish, the Supreme Court for the first time will have no Protestant members. In that case, the court would be composed of six justices who are Catholic and three [Read More…]

What does this study mean for churches?

Barna’s newest report interviews teenagers about what they think life will be like for them when they are 25 yrs old, and I’ve clipped a few paragraphs: May 10, 2010 – Spring is graduation season for millions of students. What are the aspirations of today’s teenagers as they think about their future? A new research study from [Read More…]

Great is the Lord 1

I am reading and blogging through Ron Highfield’s new book called Great Is the Lord: Theology for the Praise of God . This opens our series; it’s a serious volume for theologians and pastors, but it’s faith angle gives the book a doxological approach that makes the heart sing and makes theology what it should [Read More…]

Is your Yard “Green”?

At WaPo, Ed Begley Jr. tells how he ripped up his yard and went native … What do you do for your yard that is “green” (ecologically sustainable and natural)? One of the first things I did when I moved into my current home in Los Angeles in 1988 was to rip out the lawn. I [Read More…]