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Preaching and Worship Collaboration at Elmbrook

I’m teaming up with Mel Lawrenz and the worship staff at Elmbrook for a one-day event that seeks to connect preaching ministry with worship ministry. It’s an all-day event on June 29 at Elmbrook near Milwaukee. My focus will be the study habits of pastors and then a sermon on James, Mel will speak about [Read More…]

God on the Quad? (RJS)

We are looking at the recent book by Elaine Howard Ecklund Science vs Religion: What Scientists Really Think. The earlier installments are here: first, second, and third. The book relates various ideas about science and religion that emerged from her interviews with 275 scientists in seven departments (Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Psychology, Sociology, Economics, and Political [Read More…]

Great is the Lord 7

How can we talk about God? Seriously, the vastness and immensity and infinity of God beggar description and tax human language to the limit, so taxing in fact that we must admit the limitations of all God-talk. This is the topic taken up by  Ron Highfield in chp 5 of his excellent book, Great Is the [Read More…]