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Should Marijuana be Decriminalized? (California votes.)

California will vote this November on decriminalizing marijuana. (The link in that previous sentence is to the Reuters report a little while back.)  What are the positives and what are the negatives? Do you think it’s the Federal or State government’s responsibility to tell citizens what to do in matters like this? Is marijuana’s impact [Read More…]

Is Free Will Anti-Science? (RJS)

Anthony R. Cashmore, Robert I. Williams Professor of Biology at the University of Pennsylvania wrote his inaugural article following election to the National Academy of Science on The Lucretian swerve: The biological basis of human behavior and the criminal justice system. Scot mentioned this article a couple of weeks ago in Meanderings (HT JT) but [Read More…]

Does God Care about Sports?

This one actually emerges from one’s theological orientation, but there’s a very good set of questions and observations at, and in our sports-shaped world today, a good conversation awaits us: Baseball players point to the heavens after hitting home runs; NFL players pray in the end zone after scoring. Competitors routinely thank Jesus, along [Read More…]