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Sad Story

From Foreign Policy by Mohammad Qayoumi: On a recent trip to Afghanistan, British Defense Secretary Liam Fox drew fire for calling it “a broken 13th-century country.” The most common objection was not that he was wrong, but that he was overly blunt. He’s hardly the first Westerner to label Afghanistan as medieval. Former Blackwater CEO [Read More…]

Women are More Religious, but Why?

The Baylor Survey of Religion confirmed a long held claim: women are more religious (see Rodney Stark, What Americans Really Believe. Here’s a big picture set of numbers: 69% vs. 57% believe in God Men are twice as likely to be atheists. 77% vs. 68% believe Jesus is the Son of God. Weekly church attendance: 40% vs. [Read More…]

Just Sayin’ (!!!!!)

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