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OK, let’s hear the best wisdom of nabbing crickets in the basement. What I have to do is coax them from their corners and impossible-to-get-to spots and nab them (and release them or whatever). What are your suggestions for this? [Read more…]

Our Common Prayerbook 31 – 1

Today is our first reflection on our common prayerbook, the Book of Psalms, at our new site. For those who have not followed this series, we are providing brief reflections on the Psalms four days a week at roughly the middle of the day. We hope that some will read this as their midday prayers, [Read More…]

Evangelical Roman Catholics?

Some of you will observe that the RSS feed is not giving a full text but only an excerpt. Patheos and I are in discussion about this, but for now we are asking you to come to the site to get the full read. Please be patient with this approach and we’ll go one step [Read More…]

Not all write

If you are in the business world, the bottom line tells the story and one way or another the bottom line often tells the whole story. It’s about making money. If you are a professional athlete, success is the bottom line: you either score under par and win or you don’t and you lose; you [Read More…]