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The Eye of Earl

One of the best essays I’ve ever read, one that both Kris and I have enjoyed more than once, is E.B. White’s encounter — ahem, non-encounter — with Hurricane Edna. Anyone read that essay? Here’s the skinny on the essay: He was up in Maine, the weather broadcasters had whipped the East Coast into a [Read More…]

The Fruit of the Vine

It’s empirically based: moderate drinking is good for you, and better for you than not drinking at all and better than heavy drinking. I’m 100% in favor of control, of discipline, of not drinking in excess, of never drinking and driving, of young adults not drinking until they are mature enough to know what they’re [Read More…]

Someone bumped our car but good the other day…

Kris drives a Subaru Forester, and within two months her car has been scraped or bumped four different times … … and the scrapers and bumpers didn’t say squat to us. They just walked (or drove) away. One is a scrape that got below the paint line on the hood; two times we were bumped [Read More…]

Can you tell me why?

It is very common among biblical scholars and among informed pastors to modify our readings of the Bible, even theology, on the basis of sound scholarship. Sometimes it is by way of discoveries but more often than not it’s just someone does some really good work on the texts and says, “Hey, we had this [Read More…]

What Good’s a Theologian?

Inside the lecture room we make a distinction between biblical scholars and theologians. The former are either Old Testament or New Testament, and the latter specialize in systems of thought, whether they focus on telling us what theologians teach (Augustine, Aquinas, Luther, Barth) or what is to be taught (systematics). But outside those walls, and [Read More…]