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An Irishman Speaks about Americans

My Dublin friend, Patrick Mitchel, recently traveled from Washington to California in a car with his family — a Road Trip — and when he got back deposited a fun set of observations about “We the People.” What would you add to this list? Some months ago I did a post on ‘Those Germans’. So, after [Read More…]

Our Common Prayerbook 32 – 1

Confession belongs to one word: truth-telling, and David learned precisely that. That experience of learning to tell the truth about who we are  and what we have done is precisely what David puts into words in Psalm 32 (read after the jump). Not only does David tell his story, he encourages others to learn what [Read More…]

Overheard 3

John Mark Reynolds, at the WaPo discussion, weighs in on civil religion with an opener with quoting and recalling… Civil religion may be one of the few things less popular than Glenn Beck at Harvard. Two psychological conditions account for most of this fear and loathing. A combination of theophobia–the irrational fear of all things [Read More…]

Overheard 2

Susan Thistlethwaite, a fellow UCC member with President Obama, weighs in on Obama’s faith and sees him, as does David Brooks, as a Niebuhrian realist and not a liberation theologian. President Obama is a Christian, and a fairly typical United Church of Christ sort of Christian at that. On June 23, 2007, then candidate Obama [Read More…]

Overheard 1

I didn’t post my own thoughts about Glenn Beck’s rally in DC, and I’m convinced we need to do everything we can to dissociate our faith from a political party, though not from stating our views on particular issues, but I’m annoyed with his decision to weigh in on Obama’s theology and beliefs when Beck [Read More…]

Seeing Through our Work to the Mountains Beyond

This post was originally published at The High Calling, but it’s Labor Day and this essay is my own theory of work, and it leads me to ask you this set of questions: How do you approach work? Why do we work? How does a Christian approach work? How do we look at the rather [Read More…]

Who is Paul Washer? (John Frye)

If you’ve been to a foreign country you may well have had an experience like the one John describes below. That country could well be — and often is — awash in controversies that have absolutely no hearing in the USA. Issues, persons, concerns, politics … it always varies. John tells the story of the [Read More…]