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The Publishing Biz

OK, a friend wrote not all that long ago and told me he had recently purchased a book by a well-known author. It was  a commentary. The publication date was 2010 and it said “First edition.” Only problem is this: it was originally published more than a decade earlier but was re-issued in a new [Read More…]

Into the conquest

George Herbert, from “The Reprisal” Yet by confession will I come Into the conquest. Though I can do nought Against thee, in thee will I overcome The man, who once against thee fought. [Read more…]

A Matter of Tone and Approach (RJS)

I (almost) always add an e-mail address to my posts, an opportunity for readers to make more specific (or lengthy) comments or ask questions off-line. I received a several interesting messages last week – and would like to put forth for discussion a composite idea emerging from these disparate sources and from Justin’s post last Friday on doubt.

One of the letters from a reader noted (used with permission, edited for anonymity):

(3) The main point of writing: one enormous obstacle is the general tone of public figures who hold to theistic evolution. Most of my evangelical friends can’t fathom how evolution could be compatible with faith. What’s needed is patient, quiet discussion. What worries me about [some] is the lack of winsome tone and approach (that’s not uniform btw; Falk’s book was excellent, and there’s no problem with the main body of Collins’s Language of God; Waltke, Keller, etc. are gems). I’m wondering how someone like you could use your platform to articulate this problem. In my opinion that is a bigger problem than the [fundamentalist] approach at Southern Seminary. The latter we can overcome via the web, books, etc.; but if the voices available to communicate about science and evolution are not winsome and helpful, but combative and derisive, where does that leave us?

(4) Second main point: … how does Keller’s argument strike you … that we need theistic evolutionists who can work well with others on the spectrum between fundamentalism and atheistic science? If Keller is correct, this would mean that (say) Gilberson’s tone is actually unhelpful and likely to do more harm than good; it may help him get a hearing in the secular sphere, but will be a problem as he tries to communicate to evangelicals. [Read more…]

Almost Christian 7

This will be our last post on the fine book by Kenda Dean, Almost Christian: What the Faith of Our Teenagers is Telling the American Church.

I want to have a conversation today about the most significant element in the development of faith among young adults: parents. The best thing to do to get young adults more serious about their faith is to have more faith-serious parents. (Which is not to blame parents or to shift total responsibility onto parents, but it is to put the gravity where it needs to be.)

One of her themes is “translation” — that is translating the faith from the church to the youth, with the focal point being the family (as Luther famously made clear).

What are the guidelines for this translation? Here are her four points and I’d like to hear your responses: [Read more…]