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Do you need to take a Jump of faith?

Do you need to step out to do something new? Do you sense a call from God to venture into something outside the box? Do you need to take a jump of faith?

I just finished a book by pastor — and now church leader/administrator — Efrem Smith called Jump: Into a Life of Further and Higher, and I want to urge those who are wondering if they need to take the next step to take up and read this book.

Efrem Smith was until very recently the pastor of Sanctuary Covenant in Minneapolis but is now the superintendent of the Evangelical Covenant church in the Pacific Southwest. This book is a wonderful combination of: [Read more…]

What Do You Mean By Literal? (RJS)

A common question raised any time the question of creation and evolution comes up is the impact of this discussion on our understanding of scripture. After all, if we can’t take Genesis 1 literally why take any other part of the Bible literally? This is one of the four common questions Tim Keller reports from his 35 years of pastoral experience, it is a question I’ve gotten in church and one we have come up against on this blog. While this question is not specifically mentioned in Dr. Mohler’s reasoning in his recent speech, Why Does the Universe Look so Old?, is based significantly on the veracity of scripture as the Word of God.

Clearly our understanding of the Bible as the Word of God is an important question, one we must think through carefully. I think we believe in the Bible as the Word of God because we believe in God and his work in the World. When we make the Bible the foundation we have it backwards. This means that we need to look to scripture itself to understand what it means for scripture to be the Word of God. We cannot impose criteria from the outside. [Read more…]