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A Plea for Listening to the Other

Did you see this? Let’s assume this is accurate. What is there to learn here? First, Republicans are moving significantly toward FoxNews. Democrats have dropped only slightly in listening to the conservative voices. Second, the only way for Americans to be genuinely educated and intelligent is to learn to listen to both sides — or [Read More…]

Speaking this Fall

I get chided often enough about not saying anything about where I’m speaking that I thought I’d post our Fall schedule: Today we fly to Philly and I’ll be speaking in Havre de Grace at Grace Reformed Episcopal tomorrow and Sunday AM. I’ll be at George Fox Sept 29. October 2-3 Winding Waters Brethren Church [Read More…]

Apologetics in a Postmodern World 2

Francis Collins, famous for the Human Genome Project and now director of the National Institute of Health, before a Veritas Forum: I hope to give you some things to think about, things that have led me from being an atheist to becoming a believer and a follower of Jesus. I will also explain why I [Read More…]

Church Disciplines…for a Church 1

For a few years I have occasionally pondered devoting research and writing time to a project on the spiritual disciplines for a local church. Nearly every study on spiritual disciplines I’ve seen are devoted 100% to individuals doing things along — praying, solitude, contemplation, fasting, etc.. While some of these can be done with others, the discipline itself is done by an individual.

What are the “church” spiritual disciplines?

James Bryan Smith’s newest book, in my estimation, is the best book I’ve seen on this topic: The Good and Beautiful Community: Following the Spirit, Extending Grace, Demonstrating Love (The Apprentice Series). I want to drill down a little more to focus on this issue: We need to think more — together — on the “spiritual disciplines” a church is to do and a church is to grow into and to which a church wants to hold itself accountable.

What are those disciplines? Which ones stand out at the top in your list? Say, the top three for you? [Read more…]