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Is this my new reality?

That question — Is this my new reality?, a question asked directly by a woman to President Obama, by a woman who, along with her husband, supported and believed in Obama’s vision of change, was a powerful question. It is now being run on TV stations and radio stations. What was more powerful than her [Read More…]

Listening to this today…

Do you listen to Robin Mark? [Read more…]

Havre de Grace

It’s a little known fact, and I had no idea until someone there told me, but Havre de Grace almost became the capital of the whole USA. So Kris and I had the rare opportunity of ministry in the almost-capital. I’m sure glad it didn’t become the capital because Havre de Grace sits quietly on [Read More…]

Theology After Darwin 3 (RJS)

I am slowly working through a series looking at the impact that the evidence for evolution has on our theology. This series is based on a book of essays, Theology After Darwin (available from amazon UK or, as pointed out by a commenter, a search of on author = Berry and title = Theology After Darwin will yield a USA-based source for a new copy of the book at a reasonable price (HT PB)). David Fergusson, Professor of Divinity at the University of Edinburgh contributed a chapter to this book entitled Darwin and Providence. In this chapter he outlines what he sees as the four major theological challenges raised by a Darwinian or evolutionary view of creation and discusses how they were dealt with in the latter half of the nineteenth century making connection with our debates and questions today. Today I would like to outline and consider his comments on these four issues: God as Remote from Cosmos, the Loss of Providential Control, The Intensification of the Problem of Evil, and The Threat to Human Significance. [Read more…]

Spiritual Disciplines …. for a Church 2

For more than two decades many churches have focused on personal and private spiritual disciplines, but very few have examined what spiritual disciplines look like in a completely different key: church spiritual disciplines. How important is hope to your perception of a church’s central attributes? of its spiritual disciplines? How does a church practice “hope”? [Read More…]