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Can a Christian remain Christian in politics?

By the title of this post I am not asking whether a Christian can campaign for office on some kind of Christian platform. The nature of my inquiry instead is given the rough and tumble and even nasty nature of the world of politics, can a politician who embraces Christian faith run a campaign that looks Christian in character? [Read more…]

Evolution and Environmentalism (RJS)

I am reading through a book of essays, Theology After Darwin (available from amazon UK or, as pointed out by a commenter, a search of on author = Berry and title = Theology After Darwin will yield a USA-based source for a new copy of the book at a reasonable price (HT PB)). The [Read More…]

Spiritual Disciplines … for a Church 3

One of my favorite experiences with a church went like this: I asked the pastor what happened, and by that I meant how in the world did the “small group” grow into a 300+ church so quickly.

His answer was simple: We began to ask people in our community one simple question: “How can we help?” He admitted they were doing things they never expected to do, but that one question — call it the single-most important missional question — can change a church if the church will listen, and will do.

How have you seen Dallas Willard’s idea (below) at work in your community? in your church? in your life?

What are the characteristics of a serving community? [Read more…]