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Dust Jackets … What to do with them?

What do you do with dust jackets on books? There seem to be three theories:

First, remove and trash.

Second, keep and preserve.

Third, keep but first remove and then cover in preserving synthetic material so the cover will endure through the tribulation and beyond.

Here’s what I do, in three steps: [Read more…]


The person who sent me the note that I posted as “I am that girl in the cage” writes this: “To all my dear brothers and sisters, all I can say is thank you. Your words have been a salve to me. Your prayers and kindness have been evident. Your words of comfort and support [Read More…]

Being Human After Darwin 1 (RJS)

I am slowly working through a series looking at the impact that the evidence for evolution has on our theology. This series is based on a book of essays, Theology After Darwin (available from amazon UK or, as pointed out by a commenter, a search of on author = Berry and title = Theology After Darwin will yield a USA-based source for a new copy of the book at a reasonable price (HT PB)). The question posed to the authors is quite simple, What are the implications for Christian theology if Darwin was right?

Nowhere do we find the question more central to our faith than in the subject of the essay by Francisco J. Ayala: Being Human After Darwin. David Fergusson, at the end of the chapter we discussed in the last Tuesday, suggested that a biblical understanding of human significance is challenged, perhaps, by the theory of evolution and common descent. If mankind is not the pinnacle and purpose of all creation, what are we? If we evolved in continuity with the animals what makes humans distinctive creatures? He commented briefly on the issue, but Dr. Ayala’s essay centers in on this question. [Read more…]

Dallas Willard on Nietzsche

Dallas Willard gets it when he makes this claim:

If you say ‘truth’ in most places on the campuses I’m familiar with, people will immediately say “Whose truth?”.

Behind that who’s-in-power question lurks the one philosopher who pressed the connection of truth-claim to power-assertion, Friedrich Nietzsche. Many today would say his legacy is the most important one in contemporary postmodernity. “Nietzsche won the first round and truth is lost” (162).

Example from my own life: [Read more…]