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An Afternoon Prayer (and question)

We bumped into this prayer the other day, which brings up angels. Here’s the prayer, and then a question: O God, who in a wonderful order has established the ministry of Angels and of men, mercifully grant that even as Your holy Angels ever do You service in heaven, so at all times they may [Read More…]

In Obama’s own words

Is the President a Christian? So many are asking this, so many won’t trust his words, but this is what he told someone the other day… But the religion question was perhaps the most revealing for the president – and also perhaps the most welcome, given that polls show that the public appears confused about [Read More…]

Beyond the Abyss 2

Sharon Baker is attempting to construct a Christian belief in the afterlife, particularly hell, that squares somehow with the unconditional love of God and the fundamental verse she continually mentions: 2:3 Such prayer for all is good and welcomed before God our Savior, 2:4 since he wants all people to be saved and to come to a [Read More…]

Spiritual Disciplines … for a Church 5

One of the more persistent criticisms I have heard of traditional atonement theology is that we are asked to do something God does not do. Namely, we are asked to forgive in grace but God, who forgives only after the punishment of sin in Christ, does not simply forgive in grace. I contend the idea misunderstands atonement and how we forgive.

We do not have the resources to forgive. “The only way we can forgive is by letting God renarrate our lives in the context of the metanarrative of Jesus, who forgave his enemies and even died for them” (110). [Read more…]