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George Fox Evangelical Seminary

One of the highlights of my Fall thus far was the recent invitation to speak to a group of leaders at George Fox Evangelical Seminary. I had never been to George Fox, have heard about it for years, and have a few friends connected to it … so it was an exciting opportunity. And all [Read More…]

Being Human After Darwin 2 (RJS)

I posted last week on the first part of an essay by Francisco Ayala on Being Human After Darwin. I am going to discuss the second part of this essay today, but first I would like to point to an issue of Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith, the journal of the American Scientific Affiliation (The ASA is a network of Christians in the sciences). The recent issue of PSCF (v. 62 no. 3 2010) is a theme issue: Reading Genesis: The Historicity of Adam and Eve, Genomics, and Evolutionary Science. According to the website the print version is sold out; but several of the articles are available for download on the ASA PSCF Discussion blog. The topics here mesh very well with the book I am currently blogging through “Theology After Darwin (available from of search on author = Berry and title = Theology After Darwin). I am going to intersperse discussion of the essays in the book and discussion of the articles in the Journal. [Read more…]

Spiritual Disciplines … for a Church 6

Spiritual disciplines have been given plenty of attention in the last decade, but “church” spiritual disciplines need some serious discussion. In James Bryan Smith’s new book, The Good and Beautiful Community: Following the Spirit, Extending Grace, Demonstrating Love (The Apprentice Series), we get a sketch of the disciplines that can characterize — not just an individual [Read More…]