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Don’t go …

… breakin’ my heart. Gotta love this one. [Read more…]

It takes a Movement

I’m following very closely the apparently new emphasis at Sojourner’s. What I’m seeing, and it seems but glimpsed in this post today from Jim Wallis, is a new direction or a new summons. It appears to me that Wallis will be calling his readers and his network to consider less advocacy for a party or [Read More…]

Free Allison Book

Baker Academic has made the offer, and I’m glad they are doing this (the offer is at their Facebook page). Here it is: Confused or curious about the historical Jesus? It’s time to get some answers from a luminary in the field. Dale Allison, author of the new book Constructing Jesus, has agreed to answer [Read More…]

Evangelicals and Mainliners Together (EMT)

I had hoped to get a post up about evangelicalism today, a third in our series, but I’m still sorting an idea or two out so I’m delaying that post. But … With one of our routine commenters and sometimes blogger, David Opderbeck, we routinely encounter that rare combination of an evangelical thinker who embraces [Read More…]

American Religion: Shifty 2

This year yields a bumper crop of books analyzing American religious traditions, and I’ll avoid listing the books, but it began with Christian Smith and Patricia Snell, led to Bradley Wright’s book, Kenda Creasy Dean’s study of young adult faith, and now we find Robert Putnam and David Campbell, American Grace: How Religion Divides and [Read More…]