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The Waves of November

Today marks the day of remembering the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald and the death of 29 crew members. [Read more…]

Killing Bookstores

James Emery White, at his blog, on how purchasing from Amazon is killing local bookstores, and here are our questions: What to do? Are more people employed/employable if we purchase from local bookstores? What does this mean in other areas — like grocery stores? appliance shops? garage builders? One of my favorite movies is “You’ve [Read More…]

Defending the Real Constantine 2

Here’s the situation as I can discern it: a vocal segment of scholarship believes Constantine more or less ruined the church. By combining political power, sometimes described as persecution of those with anything other than Christian faith and the use of coercion to create theological uniformity, with the church, Constantine created “Constantinianism.” Peter Leithart is [Read More…]

The Heaven (and Hell) Question

I have said here before that universalism is one of the most pressing issues in American, Western Christianity. Here are some “facts,” or at least some results from Robert Putnam and David Campbell, American Grace: How Religion Divides and Unites Us. Americans overwhelmingly (89%) believe people of other religions can go to heaven, and say [Read More…]