Archives for Nov 15, 2010 @ 19:17

Facebook the new Borg

What’s going on here? Can someone explain how this will work? San Francisco, California (CNN) — Facebook wants to be your inbox for every kind of message. The world’s largest social networking company is providing each of its 500 million users with an e-mail address as part of a revamped messaging system that integrates [Read More…]

Seattle’s Best (Pig)

Yep, this is a special mutation of the pig family that now abounds in Seattle. They go barefoot here in the Midwest. What do you think this little pig is thinking? [Read more…]

Choosing Celibacy

Often enough it is the story of someone we know or love that creates empathy and a new perspective. A student comes into my office who tells me her brother is gay; her father is an evangelical pastor. She’s now in the role of mediator between father and son. She told me she was against [Read More…]

Secularizing Kingdom

The word “secular” and the word “kingdom” should not be brought together. The paradox of what I’m hearing is that “kingdom” is being overwhelmed by the word “secular.” Example: last Thursday in my Introduction to the Bible class I discussed what “kingdom” means in the teachings of Jesus. I sketched a few ideas that I [Read More…]