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Best Ever. No Question.

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Bible and Dating

Have you seen this one? Funny stuff. [Read more…]

Another take on Immigration: Canada

From NYTimes, where we learn that Canada is looking for immigrants. What says Canada? Demanding “our fair share,” Manitobans did something hard to imagine in American politics, where concern over illegal immigrants dominates public debate and states seek more power to keep them out. In Canada, which has little illegal immigration, Manitoba won new power to [Read More…]

So there is no NeoReformed/New Calvinist movement

David Kinnaman, at Barna, has a new study on the so-called New Calvinists or NeoReformed movement, a term I may well have invented to describe what I perceive to be the rise of Calvinists. David says Nope, not happening. This is no movement. Not even among Southern Baptists? Nope. David told me the numbers are [Read More…]

A Gospel-Shaped Theology

Pick up your standard textbook-ish systematic theology and you are most likely to get an exhaustive study of a one topic after another. The order of those topics matters immensely, and it just so happens that many theologians write theologies that are shaped by salvation (soteriology). Thus, the God, Man/Sin, Christ, Salvation, Spirit and Eschatology, [Read More…]