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Obama, Federal Aid, Faith-based Orgs

From Paragraph 3 is not as clear as I would like, but .. Who knows about this? Anything involved in your church/faith-based organization? President Barack Obama signed an executive order Wednesday clarifying the ground rules for religious groups partnering with the federal government through the White House’s controversial faith office. The order says that [Read More…]


Kris and I were recently in Lancaster City, PA, at the invitation of Matt Graybill and the leaders at LCBC. They hosted a wonderful Saturday event for the life group leaders from across their campuses — and it was awesome to be with Matt and others, with Mindy Caliguire (a friend from Willow), and to [Read More…]


David B. Hart, at First Things, on Tolkien’s anarchism and monarchism: What do you think? Is anarchism a Christian alternative? Is anarchism too cynical or not cynical enough? Is it utopian or utterly convinced humans can’t be trusted? Is it liberal or is it conservative? If one were to devise a political system from scratch, [Read More…]

Good and Bad Ways 1

Robert Benne is the Director of the Roanoke College Center for Religion and Society who explores for a living the relationship of religion and politics. It’s a good time for his book to come out: Good and Bad Ways to Think about Religion and Politics. He provides a sketch of how people relate religion and [Read More…]

Where Do You Start? … (RJS)

I’ve been traveling again this week, and so am somewhat off my normal schedule. My Tuesday post has become a Wednesday post. Today I would like to pose a question and look for some response and insight. Over the last several weeks we’ve been looking at the essays in a book Theology After Darwin centered [Read More…]