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Marriage Changes 1

Over the course of the next few days, I will be posting some graphs from the Pew Center Research report: [Read more…]


HT: Geeding [Read more…]

That Survey… a sermon by Jason Micheli

This sermon is from Jason Micheli in Arlington VA, at Aldersgate UMC. Jason here presses against superficial understandings of God by pushing against Baylor’s Survey and then reminding us that we Christians have a powerful image of God that almost never makes it into surveys. Whenever I read sermons I pause to think of the … [Read more…]

What do you think?

We’ve got a Jesus Creed for (high school) Students coming out next year sometime, and here’s a cover proposal. What say you? Youth pastors? Students? [Read more…]

The Age to Come – New Creation After Darwin (RJS)

We’ve been looking at the essays in a book Theology After Darwin centered around a simple question: What are the implications for Christian theology if Darwin was right? The Christian story and Christian worldview is often summarized as Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Consummation. Modern science – cosmology, astrophysics, geology, paleontology and evolutionary biology has an … [Read more…]

QE (Michael Kruse)

Quantitative what? Quantitative easing? What’s that? Recently the Federal government decided to do some quantitative easing to stimulate the economy. One thing we try to do on this blog is keep ourselves informed of such matters, and so I’ve asked our blog companion… Michael Kruse to write this post to help us understand what’s going … [Read more…]