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Marriage Changes 2

From the Pew Center: [Read more…]

Pat Downs?

What do you think of the hullabaloo about airport pat-downs and full-body scans? By Elizabeth Fuller, Correspondent posted November 17, 2010 at 4:03 pm EST As the debate about the Transportation Security Administration’s screening procedures pings across the Internet, a growing chorus of critics is asserting that electronic imaging scans and “enhanced pat-downs” both represent an unconstitutional violation [Read More…]

Evangelicals and Evolution: Thomas Jay Oord

From Thomas Jay Oord’s blog… What do you think of his five major points? Would you add others, subtract some of these? Which books do you think are most important for those who want to think about this more intelligently? Evangelicals Accept Evolution I chose my blog title to acknowledge that a growing number of [Read More…]

Good and Bad Ways 2

Robert Benne is the Director of the Roanoke College Center for Religion and Society who explores for a living the relationship of religion and politics. He’s a Lutheran and puts him in disagreement with the Anabaptists in his new book: Good and Bad Ways to Think about Religion and Politics. Our last post looked at [Read More…]