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Turn out the lights

From Can you do this? How successful are you at turning out the lights and just waiting on the sleep? One key feature stands out:  You cannot make yourself sleep and you should not try. The harder you “work” at trying to sleep, the more elusive those sweet dreams become. What you can do is [Read More…]

Marriage Changes 3

From the Pew Research Center: [Read more…]

Questions, Questions

I’ve often told students and audiences that, if you read the Gospels carefully, you learn not to ask Jesus questions. When someone asks him a question they more often than not get deconstructed or Jesus probes behind the question to an even deeper personal question. So the scribe asks Jesus, “What is the greatest commandment [Read More…]

Weekly Meanderings

I am in Atlanta at the Annual Meeting of SBL. I will be giving a paper on the theology of the KJV New Testament translation, and the picture to the right is the title page (of the KJV, not my paper!). The KJV will be 400 years old in 2011. Why I love church … [Read More…]